Good morning world! I was late journaling today because I was starving, needed to get some food into my system or I wouldn’t be thinking straight. Now it’s 8:08, my day hasn’t officially started so I didn’t really break the promise that I made yesterday about journalling before I get on with my day.

I really enjoy morning drive. Light, casual conversation with little brothers en route to school, singing along to songs that we are familiar with, and watching sun rise on my way back home are making me very happy and fulfilling. 21 days more before I go back to Santa Barbara. It’s going to be challenge for me, but at the same time I’m also excited to experience what I’ve been experiencing with a total new set of lens:)

15 minutes of reading in the morning also helps to clarify and strengthen my will to make smarter choices and wanting to change the way to live my life. As Julian says, journalling is a way to have conversation with ourselves. When we know ourselves better, we can do better.

Today’s mantra: Speak kind words; Eat whole foods


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