Yesterday wasn’t the best day, I let negativity run on me because of some stupid hurtful words. I ended up eating more than my body needed me to. The past couple of days with my little brothers were going great and I’ve been making some really good progression in terms of making smart choices and changing the way I want to live my life. Guess yesterday was a tiny challenge and rehearsal for me to verify if I’d go back to my old habit loop if I were to experience bad days when I’m back to SB all by myself.

Today we’re going to Malacca for a two-day short trip with grandparents. It’s very, very frustrating to see my mother being late, AS ALWAYS. All those readings don’t seem to be much of a help in terms of dealing with this kind of situation. Now I’m just ranting. Great.

This time I feel liberated from the control from food. I hope this trip will be a proof of that I can go on about my daily lives , without worrying that I might lose it.

In a bit of hurry journaling today, my mind is not as organized and sharp, sorry to self!


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