Hello! Maybe I like to do journalling at night, I have more to share. Tonight I feel exceptionally good about myself because I went to the gym in the afternoon with my little brother. I did a 3km run and 30 minutes of Surinamaskar A&B. After I got home, I had PB&J for dinner and two glasses of green tea with dollops of honey. It actually felt good to be back to Transform, running on my old treadmill and seeing people that I used to know. There was a smart looking guy at the gym, he can be my temporary distraction;)

I finally deleted Snapchat and felt great doing so. I never use Snapchat anyway, I kept it all along because of him. Now I’m taking back ownership of my own happiness.

Didn’t get my daily dose of reading in today so nothing much to write down in terms of my spiritual growth, so let’s stop this right now. Good night world:)



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