Me and my father had a very meaningful conversation this morning. All this time I do so much reading trying to find guidance and a philosophy that I want to live by, little did I notice that there is plenty that my dad is able to offer and teach me. He mentioned a virtue that I lack of and I am keen to learn and make it mine– respect. It all comes down to respect. Show friendliness and address someone when making an entrance, simple as that, but I fail to do so. There were many areas he covered during our conversation, I will carry what he has taught me throughout the rest of my life.

Sometimes I wonder if I would go back to my old self once I return to the States. I’m doing well and on track because I am surrounded by people, my family. Oh, I know the solution to this: make more friends! Having a clear goal is super important. I need to look deeper to figure out what is my goal, my purpose, and my passion, so I can stop being a lost sheep wandering in life wasting time away and eat like a pig out of boredom, that sucks!

MEDITATION- I also tried a 3-minute guided meditation today after my yoga practice at home, it was great. What the teacher said in the audio really synchronized with what I’m going through in life right now. I am feeling again. After the Melaka trip, I haven’t been feeling good because I trashed my diet for the past couple of days, double chin and fatty back are making me very uncomfortable. The meditation audio’s title is A Sacred Commitment. She says something like: “When you heal this, all is healed”. I’d like to think this as my inability to feel fullness, which leads to overeating. Letting go of my all-time-sucked-in belly really let me feel how stretched out and full my belly is, too much food…. yet I was confused by the illusion of hunger. I have to stop sucking in my stomach and feel how freakin much food I have in my body. I want this part of me to heal, I want to be light and comfortable and happy.

One more thing, reading is a very powerful thing one can do. It empowers me. One day without reading, my mind is all scattered and foggy. Bad……

Okay, it’s time to wrap this up, it’s bedtime. Night night


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