DAY ELEVEN- Niyamas in Yoga

Good morning world. Waking up feeling disconnected and empty because none of my friends have looked me up through any kind of social media or anything at all. No one to blame but myself because I isolated myself away from people. I did what I did out of sadness when things went bad between me and him. Back then in Santa Barbara, he completely consumed my thoughts like nothing else in the world mattered. Well he still have a little bit of impact on me, even after goddamn seven weeks apart. Today I read about the five Niyamas in Yoga which I can relate myself in that particular situation. They are:

  1. saucha- purity
  2. santos- contentment
  3. tapas- ardor & austerity
  4. syadhyaya- study of the Self
  5. Isvara pranidhana- dedication to the Lord

I want to focus on saucha (purity) in today’s journal. There are two kinds of purity: the body and the mind. And yes, I have to work on both aspects of purification.

So how do one purify her body? Simple. Through constant practice of asanas and pranayamas, the body will be toned and receiving fresh oxygenated blood for her to serve her soul’s purpose. Also, her diet plays an important role in purifying her body. The book writes: “Men are the only beings who eat when not hungry and generally live to eat but not eat to live”, and that leads to over-indulgence and it is against the basis of Yoga.

Now I want to talk about the mind. It is very important to cleanse the impurities of intellect. At this point I feel like I’m summarizing the book and that’s the last thing I want to do in this journal because this is a space where I have conversation with myself. If I try to copy people’s word and not be authentic, then WHAT IS THE POINT OF DOING ALL THIS?… Okay, but what do I mean by impurities of the intellect? I can’t give a satisfying answer because obviously I yet not fully understand. But I did remember from the book that through the water flow of bhakti (adoration) and the burning fire of svadhyaya (study of the Self), purification can be achieved. I will keep on studying until I can use my own words and explain this theory.

To conclude today’s journal, I want set an intention for myself.

I promise to practice ahimsa throughout the day and for the rest of my life for it will being me inner peace and happiness. 


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