Spent yesterday and today in Singapore with Ayumi and Yukari and gugu and Jackson. We had Marche for dinner yesterday with gugu and Jackson. Today me and Ayumi and Yukari and papa went for a run at Bishan Park, then met Yoke Ho for breakfast at a hawker centre in Yishun. After breakfast me, Ayu, and Yuka took MRT to Bayfront station for the OCBC Skytree place. We wanted to get the $8 ticket and go up to the bridge, but it was freakin hot, so change of plan. We headed down to Orchard directly to meet up with gugu and Jackson. Takashimaya is having Mooncake Festival Fair, we had a wonderful mooncake taste-testing time there:))

I felt bad about myself when I saw how lean Ayumi and Yukari are. I hate my chubby face and limbs so much. They look so put together and attractive and feminine, I’m jealous. I try very hard to push away these negative feelings by reminding myself those Yamas and Niyamas I learned from Yoga. I also needed to remind myself that my childhood, my family, and the culture that I grew up in played parts in shaping the current version of myself. I am a big mass of habit. More importantly, this can be changed. I have the ability to reshape myself! But it takes time. Be patient. Hueyying is a very powerful motivator to me. Seeing her changed gives me so much hope that I can be healed too. Don’t be too hard on yourself Claire, you’re doing good:)


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