23 | Obern Trail

I’m having a very very good day:))

I started my day with a glass of green juice; went to school’s cafeteria and got the spot (I work 13.5 hours/week); did 12:15 yoga and talked to Chloe about TT; successfully applied for Social Security Number; washed my car; got a new Cologne from Jo Malone (scent of growing up); nice bike ride to wrap up my day (friendly cyclists smiled back); trying out red wine before bedtime!

Life is sweet:)

I also read something very enlightening on WordPress– to change a situation or a thought, we have to change our mind about it. Just as what Yoga has been emphasizing, control the mind to achieve inner peace and happiness. Notes to self: people don’t give a damn about how chub your face is or how thick your thighs are, stop being so self-conscious and live your life fully. Spread lots of smiles and love to the world:)



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