26 | School

Crappy sick and sad summer feeling sticks with me ALL DAY LONG. What does he want? What is on his mind? Does he still like me? Why am I still getting these emotions?? Haven’t you already reasoned your way out back home? I wanna go home…. How am I gonna do this if I feel this way all the time? Couldn’t keep it to myself anymore, I ended up calling mama and cried.

I want to reemphasize a commitment to myself. Whenever you feel hopeless, sad, or experiencing any negative emotions and energy, come back to reading. Just read. The universe will gives you support in any forms, let it be books, words, or nature. But you have to want it in the first place. I’m proud of myself tonight, I fought through it. I read. Don’t forget, you will be given everything you need at the right time.

Part of the reasons I crashed tonight is because of the overwhelming from school work. Too much information and pressure in one single day, and I’m still bound by my self-consciousness. How can I do better?

Plan and action. 

Don’t be afraid:) Good luck at first day of work tomorrow! Be confident, smile a lot, and make new friends!



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