27 | Chaos

Second day of school; first day of work; first day of Ochem lab, too much is going on I feel like I wanna throw up. Like school is not enough, I’m still hung up about Oskar. I don’t know, I feel sick. Please tell me things are going to get better.

Animal Biology is overwhelming, assignments and quizzes and reading are all over the place. We also have an individual field trip and a research paper and a presentation. Seriously WHAT THE FUCK!? Organic Chemistry is intimidating. Individual lab is extremely challenging and I realized if I don’t change how I think, I’m doomed for sure. Don’t even think about Berkeley. I also have this online Human Geography class that I always tend to forget. Anyone save me please? I’m not so sure about working right now because it’s just taking up time that I can use for studying. The thing is I promised to step out of comfort zone and wanted to prove to myself that I have the ability to earn money and take some hardship. I’ve been living too comfortably.

When is everything going to be okay? When is he going to text me back? Will I feel 1000x better once I see him? Can I quit school and go home?

I’m such a loser.



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