30 | Moving On

I won’t lie, the feeling is still clinging in the back of my mind. But now that I know how it works with guys, I wouldn’t have hope for him anymore. My shift for Friday is from 930-200. Got to school by 750; went to the bookstore to get Chem Lab Manual; submitted the documents to Human Resources; get a bus ticket for Fall semester; talked to mama on the phone, well I’m off to a great start.

Dickhead showed up and asked for a bacon burrito from me, and I didn’t have any special feelings for him anymore. Gave him a sweet sweet smile though, that was me telling you to go fuck yourself. NO ONE TREATS ME THIS WAY. He texted me afterwards, but I honestly do not give a damn anymore.

Now that the relationship part is all sorted out, I have to figure out a way with my school work. Even though I am only taking three classes, they’re all driving me crazy, and it’s only week one. Pull your shit together Claire, focus! This is your life, think about what you want for your life and how to get there.

Focus and just do it.


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