34 | Better

Good things happen when you least expect it to happen. Going to lab extracting my caffeine actually was the highlight of my day. Lab fellows were kind friendly to me and that made my day, and I was the first one to leave the lab as well. I should never have doubted my ability in learning, I am good at this. Why was I so harsh on myself? Don’t fret, JUST DO IT.

Spent five hours in Starbucks doing post-lab and organizing Biology lab notebook. Oh crap I have so many things left undone, but I don’t feel like doing them….. Can I wake up early and do them tomorrow early in the morning? Yes?

  1. Read for Bio lab #4
  2. Organize Bio lecture notebook

Give yourself some credit Claire! I finally started on the Bio Master Review Sheet and I almost completed Homework #2 on Sapling and wrapped up on Ochem post-lab notes.

Today was a good day. Everyday is a good day.

Don’t worry, just do it.


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