38 | Do it again

I can’t believe how full my day has turned out. Me and Jannine went out for a 3 mile run by the harbor at 7am, continued with yoga with Madeline. The only part I didn’t like about my day was my food choice for breakfast after the awesome run and yoga session– carrot cake muffin and a glass of sugary drink at Good Cup, SIMPLY SUCKS. I feel guilty wasting money on crappy food and that place has a horrible situation for studying. Why did I trash my diet? I wasn’t even starving, but I was craving for food. Today’s study session was very unproductive too. Maybe I shouldn’t study with Amazing anymore. Then Jannine invited me to a family whom she met at the church for over a year, whom are also Malaysian but grew up in the States. It’s a lovely family:) The grandparents, the kids, the dogs, and the food make me feel loved, I finally feel it again since I came back from home. Yes, familiarity is the best.

It’s 11:43, I did it. I didn’t break the promise of doing daily journal.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day. Drink hot green tea with honey first thing in the morning and read. Don’t worry; you’re only making it a problem by bringing the future into the present. It hasn’t even happened yet and what would worrying about it do any good for you? Please don’t do that to yourself.


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