39 | :(

I gave him his box back. No sparks, no nothing. It seems like summer never happened, except that it did and I have to deal with all those overwhelming emotions that is not mutual. Today was supposed to be a good day. I was supposed to go to yoga and have a really productive study session with Jannine.

I’m supposed to practice Ahimsa, but whatever. YOU SELF-CENTERED SUCKER CAN GO SUCK IT. Jannine is right, you don’t deserve my energy. Today WILL BE A GOOD DAY.

Today’s mantra (mind-protection)– Ahimsa. Don’t abuse your body overeating, you’re lack of nothing so there’s no reason for you to take in too much calories at once. And remember tapas, it’s the constant conscious effort to achieve your ultimate goal.

He is not worth for you to be unhappy Claire. You have so much love from family and friends and the Universe. Live your life, live fully.


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