43 | Clean Slate

Start over and do it over and over again. Daily journalling is my way of putting something out there into the world everyday, regardless of the significance or quantity. Things can never go in your way all the time, life is all about ups and downs. The part when you’re most alive is when you’re facing hardship and fight it. Just remember to come back to center, to practice. Your mat is always there for you. It is your temple to practice life, to practice how to live a more present and higher living, to find inner peace and happiness.

Garth’s flow gave me motivation and inspiration to fight harder and follow the yogic path. 6a.m. yoga is always the best way to start the day. Jun Lin also sent me a link of a YouTube video about loneliness and self-identity, it was a really good video. Thank you.

Today was okay. I’m getting used to working and didn’t feel as tired as I felt during the first two weeks anymore. Still have to constantly remind myself to feel my stomach, but the thing is, I feel the need to eat after study and work even if I don’t really feel hungry. It’s more like feeding my soul…. I took my bike out to Goleta Beach Park today and helped an Asian parents to take pictures. They introduced me to their daughter and a group of PhD students at UCSB. There are so much more life out there in this world. Get out from your small hell hole and live a life! It’s important to figure out what I really really want, and work really really hard for it. Stop bitching about no friends or whatsoever, suck it up and do what you have to do. People can only dream to study in America and you’re physically here! Be grateful and take full advantage of this amazing opportunity that is given by your parents. They work so hard to make money to support your dream. Please, get your thinking straight and stop playing around.

I’m not the old me anymore. I don’t want to binge and be controlled by food anymore. This is a new chapter of my life. Find your passion and live with intention:))

Today I dedicate myself to finding intention. Stop eating your life away.


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