45 | What am I doing

Started the morning right with a 4-mile run with Jannine. She used to run 10+ miles on treadmill and that makes her a good training partner. I enjoy running with her because she pushes me to go harder and further. Then we came back to my place for shower and breakfast. I made us juice, yogurt, and the healthy muffin I made yesterday. Our plan was to study at the Santa Barbara Public Library, but it didn’t open until 1pm so we headed to Starbucks. Bad choice…. It’s so noisy I couldn’t really focus on my study and I have Animal Biology and Organic Chemistry exams coming up on the same day next Wednesday, I am still a mess on Sunday.

It wasn’t a productive weekend at all. I spent yesterday meal prepping, blanking out, getting grocery, just wasting my precious time doing unnecessary things. Today was supposed to be productive, but it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped it’d be. Pull yourself together please.

I want to make new friends, I want to be part of a group, I want to get my shit together of school, I don’t want to binge eat, I want to read, I want to yoga, I want to feel.

Good night, I’m dead beat.


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