46 | Power of Habit

So my last post was Sunday, today is Wednesday. New record, I missed two days in a row. I went straight back to my old binging routine and trying to use food as my coping mechanism. Self-discipline was non-existance during the binging episode. You just want to go on and on to the point when you feel uncomfortably full. I think it’s the chemicals released into the brain when our body breaks down carbs and fats, it numbs us and gives us instant gratification. How should I prevent this from happening in the future? This week had been crazy because Animal Biology and Organic Chemistry exams were on the same day, I was freaking out about both as I couldn’t get ahold on where I stand in the class. I want to experiment with the method from The Power of Habit— Cue, routine, and reward. Stress from school is my cue, so what can I do to change my routine and get the same reward– balance?

It’s been a rough time. All the mind-twisting thoughts about friends, social approval, body-image, all these on top of school work. I honestly thought I was going to die.


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