48 | Relieved

Three journals at once, I’m getting tired.

I did well in Bio exam! It was really similar to past year paper. After that I continued studying for Chemistry, that one went well too. I’m proud of myself not skipping Bio lab because that would be detrimental to my exam #2, no way I would do that to myself.

Then me and Boom hangout. She made me feel sane again. I haven’t felt this way for long. I remembered the feeling of Santosa, meaning contentment. That I don’t need extra energy because I am not starving myself. One of the factors that leads me to binge eating is stress from school, which I totally left out when I was trying to figure myself out back home on Malaysia. Summer was mellow and chill, I didn’t have any stress. All I thought about was me dieting and trying to deal with my body image. But there’s more to that– school, and it’s a big one. Anyway, after two days of binge eating, we went to Natural Cafe and get late late lunch. I got the Good Karma Burger and she got the veggie lagsana. I got McConnell’s for dessert too, guilt-free!

Sometimes I wonder if nutrition is the right major for me or not. Without the food issue, what would be my passion? What do I love? What do I enjoy doing? How can I find out?

Live and read a lot of books.


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