49 | Power

Almost, almost going to pass on this today. Today was a good day. I started with 6am yoga with Sunny; headed to school and had a small breakfast without craving for large amount of food; decided on my research paper topic and got almost all the sources that I need– What makes us unique; Enoch was nice to talk to; hangout with Brian and Elisa for a little while; went to A Taste of Teacher Training; went to gym with Brian and Elisa again; had dinner with Kevin at this new place called Sushi Teri. I didn’t binge, and I started reading another book named Power, Passion, and Purpose. I need to regain control of my life instead of turning it in to food. I don’t handle stress very well, but things are just going to get harder and harder because it’s university. Everything is going to be new material and this is the part  where you need to put in the hard work and make those knowledges yours.

I need to find my talent, my strength, my passion, and my purpose. Is it yoga? Is it food? I don’t think it’s food because without my binge issue, I don’t really care about what I eat. I want to know more about human, how does evolution shape us and where are we headed to; why do we behave how we behave; what makes us superior and more intelligent than other animals; what is conscious; I want answers to all of these.

There’s so many things I need to do, stress is starting to pile up again without one day of proper studying. I have to start writing the research paper, my personal statement, Ochem experiment report and get ready for next experiment, organize Bio lab notebook and find answers for lab notes, revise Ochem Newman Projection and Chair Conformation. My to-do list for the weekend.

Don’t let stress run you Claire. Power comes from within. You absolutely have full control over your emotion and mentality and action to not binge. I’m really tired, talk tomorrow!


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