50 | A full day

I had a wonderful day today. I always wake up feeling amazing if I didn’t binge the day before, when is this going to become a permanent thing for me? The power is within me, have faith and have a belief system. Trust in yourself and follow the yoga path, it will bring me to union with my divine spirit and purpose. Always, always, come back to center when you feel drifted away, lost, or numbed.

Went to Chloe’s 6am yoga, didn’t feel as great because she wasn’t treating me extra special. But I have to let go of expectation from other people, never expect anything from other people other than yourself. You will live a lot happier that way. Then I went studying in the Biology Computer Lab. It is a really nice, quiet, and warm place to do my work. After that is work time. Jody, Don, Joely, even Sam were super nice to me, they made me feel special and accepted (in some way that I can’t explain). After work I had a personal interview and training session with Anthony, the personal trainer I met from the gym last night. We had a really long, nice talk about things I’ve been going through recently and how to gain back power to be more confidence and not stress out about everything. It was a really satisfying exchange of mind. Me and Boom went for a movie at 540pm Don’t Breathe, inteeeeeeeeenseeeeee!! I was so proud of myself not finishing the whole bag of popcorn because I listened to my inner cue and it told me that I was full and had enough. After I got back home, I did my Ochem post-lab and one of my biology lab notebook. Today was a full day for Claire.

Thank you for those who made me feel special and anything that gives me inspiration and support even though we might not ever meet again. I’m grateful for everything that happened to me and helped me grow.

Now I’m just beat out and need to be in my bed ASAP, bye byeeeeeeeee!


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