51 | Everyone is a gem

I was gonna go to the Day of Caring, but it didn’t seem fun to me at all. So I left and took my bike out to UCSB and hangout with Jennifer.

I woke up feeling extra fat this morning, hated myself so much when I looked into the mirror when practicing yoga. It was horrible. Probably it’s because from the popcorn I ate the previous night while watching the movie with Boom. My life has been filled with a lot of people lately. A little too crowded, people need to back off a bit, I WANT MY SPACE. Stupid bitch, when you’re all by yourself you want to have someone. Now that everyone wants to hangout with you, you want your space.

Wasn’t really a productive day. I did a little bit of personal statement in the morning at freaking 4am the went to yoga, then East Beach for Day of Caring, then took my bike to UCSB, worked on my PS just for a bit, then talked with Jennifer for almost the whole afternoon, then I came home and had dinner and studied for Bio and Chem. Night time was productive I’d say. Me and Jennifer are actually very alike in a certain perspective, we’re both insecure I guess, and both were involved with Swedish guys. She slightly lighted my hope for him again. I don’t need this in my life right now, what is meant to be will be. For now, just focus on loving yourself Claire.


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