52 | Not enough time

I am always so fucking tired every night before going to bed, but not so much from studying. I spent only the morning doing homework and studied for biology. I didn’t do my research paper at all or revise organic chemistry. What have I done….

I need to pull my shit together, this is not going to work and I’m not going to Berkeley with attitude like this.

Tey and Cynthia came to visit me today, I spent the whole day with them walking around SB and my school. Then Eliesa brought me and Karina to dinner at Kyoto. I always want things that I can’t get, I want my own time to study when I’m surrounded by people; and if I don’t have plans, I want people to ask me out. Okay now I’m not making sense anymore because I’m really tired and want to sleep.

Tomorrow is the first day of week five, get into the rhythm of the semester and put 110%! BERKELEY BERKELEY BERKELEY


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