54 | New Crush

I am really good in Chemistry laboratory work, it’s my strong suit. I like precision and accuracy, and also I like to get better at things. It’s been two consecutive weeks I was the first one getting out from the lab, although there were some impurities in my final products, but overall I got the hang of it. After lab I went down to the chemistry tutor room, Blaine was there. People really don’t take initiative, if you want something, be the first one to start the conversation or just simply smile and be nice. He ended up talking and sharing a lot of information with me. When I wanted to leave, he offered his phone number so I can ask him about school work, which is really kind and sweet, but I won’t overthink and make any assumption about his action. Before I can like anybody, I should learn how to love myself. Okay, maybe he can be my new crush to spice up my life a little.

I can’t believe how much power he has given me just by asking me if I wanted his number, Claire you’re so freaking weak. But he’s smart and athletic, I’m attracted! Can’t blame myself, it’s only natural. I studied in the library of the whole afternoon without any distractions, went to get my car washed, went to Chloe’s intense flow, and then a 2 miles run at 24 Hour Fitness. See that energy? It’s ridiculous.

Good night, today is a good day.


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