59 | Filling the void

A cup of honey green tea first thing in the morning to detox and hydrate and a little bit of sugar rush, then I headed out for a bike ride to UCSB. Never done that before, I was excited to bike in the dark when no one else is awake and the whole is so quiet, just me, my bike, and I. I’ve been thinking, what is it that my life is missing, what is it that I don’t allow myself to feel, what is it that I’m trying to achieve, what do I like and I don’t like. A lot of soul-searching.

The dawn bike ride experience was extraordinary, it was like Claire’s morning cleansing ritual to recenter, talk and study myself. I went to Wholefoods directly after for breakfast, had a vegan blueberry donut and almond milk. Lovely lovely Friday morning:) 

Yes, nutrition and food is what I like and what I want to do. Because food is so important for our well-being and it gives people joy. I want to be able to guide people in eating smart and explore the food science for sustainability of the planet. This is your purpose Claire. You’re at exactly where you need to be, doing what you need to do. Hold gratitude with your heart and do your best for that this opportunity is blessed. Also understand that not everything in life can go your way, but that’s life. Practice life, and flow in it with grace:) Transformation and enlightment take time and burning effort. The void in me is slowing being filled with knowledge and love and happiness. Believe in yourself Jia


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