64 | new life?

Went out running in 4 degree Celsius weather, cleared out my mind, building better stamina and endurance. Running really serves to keep me in place and serve as a reminder to not to act out because I don’t want to ruin the effort I put into running.

I was watching people filmed their binges on YouTube, I have to say, the act of binging truly disgusts me, yet I was doing it, I might still do it. But the will of fight is back. I don’t want to live like that, that is not Claire, I am so much better than a compulsive eater.

I get the chance to live in America, practice yoga with amazing people everyday, bike anywhere I like, go to coffee shop to spend time, cheap grocery stuffs for me to make food that I have always longed to make, go to college and study the major I have always wanted to pursue. I have so much, I just didn’t see it, sometimes I still don’t see it. But hey, I’m only 21, give yourself a break, you’re improving everyday:)

Off to a hike now, bye!


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