Bye Emotional Prison

This year, I want to make several agreements with myself

  1. Use words
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions

For the longest time ever, I’d always thought there was something more than whatever I could see with my eyes. For example, when me and friends hangout, I constantly feel like I am the one dragging down the atmosphere. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous when you say it out loud? Who do you think you are to affect everyone? But even if I wasn’t that influential, I could possibly be affecting the whole momentum by speaking or not speaking. I don’t want to look stupid by saying stupid stuffs, so, I ended up not speaking at all. It is really intimidating to let people know what is on my mind, to be vulnerable, and naked about my thoughts, words choices, language. This is a huge part of why I am not sociable and failure to making friends in college, I’m scared of looking stupid. But you’re born a human with conscious and ability to communicate through language, it’s what you’re meant to do, or else how are you going to live in this world where self-promoting are growing bigger and bigger?

Still in progress reading The Four Agreements, going to finish the book by tonight’s flight to Orlando. Can’t wait to learn more, see more, live more:)


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