Airport nuances 

It’s 23:06, I’m in LAX airport writing this. The whole flight passengers were kicked off plane after everyone has settled down, because of some stupid mechanical issue. IT’S ALMOST MIDNIGHT I NEED MY SLEEP. 

It amazes me how a total stranger can motivate me to pursue a higher living and strive to become a better version of myself. I bet he goes or went to a good school. He has a well-build body, also a very intelligent look. The whole family were sitting in business class, the dada and the mom looked well educated too. I don’t know his name, we didn’t even look into each other’s eyes, but he was radiating positive energy, I felt it. 

I want to be like that too– a fit body, smart, attractive. 

I hardly meet anyone who can motivate me in ways that William and Alex motivate me. Guess I really need to change my living conditions, to be surrounded by people who strive to ace. Don’t worry of not having a partner right now Claire, it’s time for you to work hard to become the person you want to be, then when the time comes, you’ll be ready to meet the one🙂


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