eat like a normal people

Today is January 9th 2016, it’s a Monday. I’m in Orlando spending the remaining of my Spring break helping my aunt setting up her opening-soon Chinese buffet restaurant.

Coming here means that I have to change my lifestyle and eating behavior because I actually have to follow their way of living– they wake up late in the morning; usually skip breakfasts; they don’t snack, actually they don’t feel hungry at all; we come to the restaurant to clean and do installations of some ice-cream machines and whatnot; some mechanical guy would come and drill holes and put in lights into the ceiling; I eat dinner at 9pm, CLAIRE EATS DINNER AT 9PM; I don’t get to do any cardio (I don’t feel like doing any either); I spend some of the time in the restaurant reading or watching YouTube or HBO Go. OVERALL, IT’S BEEN SO MUCH FUN!

I stumbled upon a website called Eat like a Normal People. I’ve been spending quite some time reading her posts and they are all very informative. She explains why people get eating disorders in the first place (including me), explains the evolutionary and historical reasons of why we shouldn’t diet at all, and most importantly, how could we lose weight eating normally. There is so much information I just want to digest them all at once, but my brain doesn’t work that way so I have to reread some of them again.

I helped to wipe the very greasy aluminum cooking area, it felt very, fulfilling.


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