Today is Sunday. Me and Linh were supposed to go to LA for Asian food and grocery shopping and New Balance, but there is something wrong with my tire pressure that I can’t fix. The service department at the dealership is not opened on Sunday, hopefully they’ll open tomorrow, as tomorrow is Martin King Luther Junior something-something holiday. I need my car to go to yoga and go to school, and school starts Tuesday. I can’t live without my car.

Evan is moving in at the end of the month. To be honest, it’s pretty exciting to have someone my age and also into fitness moving into the house. He is bringing some good energy into the house. He helped to fix the broken drawer in my room and also helped me with the tire. I don’t want to sound like a slut, but it’s nice to have a man in the house. Sometimes I feel like Eliesa doesn’t like me getting too close with Evan.

Nothing beats a good morning sweaty yoga flow. I want to be serious with my yoga practice, getting stronger physically and mentally. I only have 15 weeks left in Santa Barbara, I need to treasure my remaining days in this paradise. I was trying to study a little bit of Organic Chemistry just now, and it’s already pressuring me out. I need to figure out a system to get me through Spring semester where I am taking 17-unit of classes– Organic Chemistry II, Cell Biology, Human Geography, Foundation of Global Studies.



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