E. coli

Cell biology is fun, Human Geography in class is fun, can’t wait for fucking Ochem lecture. Things are going pretty well for me so far. My new iPhone 7 is finally working today, very excited to begin my journey with this phone. Although I thought I’d feel more excited about getting a new phone, but something has changed inside me. I don’t care as much about the material stuffs anymore. A phone to me now is just a tool for communication.

I really love drinking black coffee without any cream and sugar in the morning. I feel cleansed and fresh and content. One thing I should quit is having donut as breakfast. Even though I know there is nothing good in donuts, I still can’t stop having them. One, it’s cheap; two, it’s fulfilling; three, IT JUST TASTES SO DAMN GOOD. Gotta do some research on healthy breakfast ideas.

My weight is still not going down, pretty bummed about that. I’ve been back to my normal eating pattern for almost a week, but the weight remains the same. I gotta have faith and perseverance in the midst of everything correct. I keep up to the promise to myself, I take my yoga practice very seriously every time I go.

I don’t like the dynamic in the house after Evan’s moved back. Eliesa seems to care more about him rather than me, I’m jealous.

It’s interesting to see how I behave to someone whom I’m not interested in. It’s so obvious that I want nothing from the person. It explains a lot why he treats me that way. But I let go already, I do what I want to do and live my life. I will try my very best to learn my nature and study as hard as I could. I will try not to make assumptions and take anything personally, I will try to be like Alex. He’s warm, sincere, friendly, and confidence. Be like Alex.


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