Nothing better to start the day than a good C2 flow. Madeline is really good at what she does, she’s such an inspiration. My arms are staring to get leaner like before because she does like 100 chaturanga in between poses, no kidding. I’m so glad that I made it there this morning because I ate some “bad” food yesterday night and wasn’t feeling the best this morning when I woke up at 5. Tonight I had avocado on cinnamon wheat roll with 2 soft boiled egg, with a glass of wine, and 1/4 bar of dark chocolate with almond. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up feeling fabulous you guys. I’ve always liked Tabitha’s flow, and Wednesday is Tabitha, yay!

It’s interesting to see how some Americans are still not open to Asians/international students like me. But when I stop taking things personally, you know what, how you treat me doesn’t even affect me at all. You don’t even get the chance to study abroad and see how other people live their lives you loser. Who are you to judge me when my parents are working so hard to pay for my tuition fee and everything else, I am here to learn. So I don’t give a fuck about your attitude. He thought he was so great using Graphical Analysis to do the graph, but hey, I did too, using Excel, the better software!

Lab 2 was so laid back and people are just starting to get to know each other. To be honest I and having a really good day because people recognize me, they see me, they want to know me, I don’t know what I did right to deserve this but Thank You. Spencer knows my name, Kyle is nice to me as usual, Joey from Animal Bio spent a good amount of time talking to me, Hamza from French was super friendly too, Vanessa also sees me as a friend, and lastly Amanda, she’s just a great great lab partner.ย Yes, perseverance is the secret to success. Never stop grinding and one day, you will become who you want to be and attract people alike.

I really enjoy using this new lap desk. I’m writing this journal on my bed without the Mac going all over the place, and I can also sit upright to work. Tonight I’m going to work on pre-lab 3 and post-lab 2 if I have the energy.

I also bought something from A&F– a new jacket that is hugely discounted and two jeans. I want to make some purchase from Lululemon too. It’s Spring, time for a change for everything:)

I don’t think I want to go home in Summer. I want to stay and do yoga teacher training at CorePower Yoga, get an internship or a job, then maybe go home for about two weeks.

Life is good. Thank You.




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