I used to think people transformed under pressure is total bullshit because I always kneel before stress and surrender. this time, I want to do things differently. I want to face my responsibility instead of running away and hide under the fullness from food. I binge because that gives me an excuse not to work on assignments, because I’m too full to think, because for whatever reason I need a break. god damn it Claire, have you ever really suffered for your entire life? no. you’re creating trouble for yourself and playing victim. you own a car, practice yoga at CorePower yoga studio, getting education in America’s best community college, don’t have to work, you have no burden on your shoulder, and you’re complaining about life because?

I will seize the moment

I will face my responsibility

I will reread those primary literature and rewrite my research paper

I can go on the enlightenment path while doing these secular stuffs. it just shows that I have self-discipline, focus, intellectual curiosity towards the world I’m living in. because I need to make money to support my parents who always grant me whatever I ask for and always give me the best. because I want to find a partner who also have qualities I admire. because I’m right where I need to be doing what I need to do. don’t look elsewhere Claire, look within. you’ve got everything you need

and never give up.



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