Easter Sunday

I felt like having a family for the very first time during my stay with Eliesa for almost three full years, it was like a family day.

I overheard that Eliesa and Evan planned to run on the track in the morning, and I also sensed that Eliesa was going to invite me, but I still went out to yoga with Madeleine at 9am and wanted to go to the library to spend my easter Sunday doing organic chemistry. a change of plan after yoga because I didn’t bring out my food supplies with me in the car and I didn’t want to spend money on food, so I went home and found that the mother and the son were still at home, getting ready to go for their late Sunday morning run. I self-invited to join them because I wanted to be with them more, and I stopped making assumptions that they don’t want me and they don’t like me because of culture differences. I did six laps jogging on and off since the last time I ran was three months ago, no shit. it was hard, but running felt great, I like how it makes me feel that my thighs got toner. Evan helped to spot me when I attempted handstand, he can walk on handstand too, so that was fun

then we went home, Evan went out to Wholefoods to get some ingredients to make Easter dinner; uncured ham, white chocolate mousse, butternut squash ravioli, asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes, and wine. sounds very Thanksgiving-y right. I was going to study for ch24, but I got really tired from yoga and running so I ended up taking a 3-hour nap.

we started dinner around 6, it was great, but deep down I still feel a little worried for that I don’t know what to say to them. After dinner, we were going to watch Hidden Figures on Netflix, but it turned out that the movie was not on Netflix yet, since it was pretty new. we ended up watching a George Clooney movie called O Brother, Where Art Thou, a very American movie based on an odyssey. something about their pronunciation made it very difficult for me to understand their conversations, but great soundtracks. I regretted not asking them to turn on the subtitles because I was afraid being judged by Evan… you’re so silly Claire. what you should’ve done is ask them to turn on the subtitle so you could understand the movie. this experience of watching a movie with the family is priceless, and I don’t know if I will ever get that chance again. I’m so glad I didn’t reject watching movie with them and say that I want to do some stupid homework:)

it was a good day. a shared life is a good life.


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