summer 2017

hello everyone, my name is Claire and today i’ll be guiding you through your C1 practice. let’s all begin in child’s pose, balasana. bring your big toes to touch, open your knees out wide, bring your forehead onto the mat and extend both arms forward… take a full breath in through the nose, exhale out through the mouth

haha just kidding. I miss journalling, writing uses up too much of my energy and time, I’d rather type, takes out all the junk from my mind the same.

it’s been a long day. ran 2 miles by east beach, did C2 with Cara at 9, worked from 11-3, HPF with Garth, flirted a little with the guy who looks like Jackson but today his girlfriend ate with him, talked with Sean a little. I don’t know, everything seems a little bit chaotic. Kameron is going to SF with me on Sunday through Tuesday, helping me with house-hunting and exploring Berkeley and Chinatown.

so, what is yoga to me? how does it come into my day-to-day life?

there’s a little something something about myself that I don’t like. I live in my head too much, I’m not nice enough, I don’t smile enough, I still think people don’t like me. I’m so tired from these nonsense, it’s all in my head, and most of the time what I think, it’s wrong. I didn’t ask if he googled who’s Jackson and if he thinks he looks like him or not; I didn’t say thank you when they walked out the restaurant; I didn’t say hi to Handlebar’s boss; I didn’t slow down when I talked to Sean, everything is in warp speed when he talks. So many regrets, so many things I would’ve done differently. what can I do to be in the moment and fully express myself every time? what should I fix so I can stop regretting for my actions?

read, practice kindness, get out of your head, talk slow, and smile

this week’s mantra, full expression

you won’t believe how much time I spent thinking about all this regrets. ALL THE TIME. all the time


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